“…the “Combined Calendar” feature on the App is great. It lists all of my team’s games for the day and helps me manage my game day schedule with one click.” – Roderick S


“….we switched to TeMojo and as they state, they matched our renewal date. We are now managing our team communications at 80% of the cost.” – Joel S.


“…the ability to divide my roster into smaller groups for a 3 v 3 tournament is awesome. This system gives me what I need as an academy soccer coach. ” – Justin G


“….since joining in April of 2014 we have been able to extend our renewal date into 2016 after just 4 months by using our team referral code…Love it!” – Derek O.


“…for the price, TeMojo is amazing. I’ve managed youth sports teams for years and this is the most flexible and easy to use system I have found.” – Amy S.


“…linking our games helps me provide our team members a detailed summary of how we are doing in our league play and how we did in tournaments.” – Jenny C


“…the customer support with TeMojo is great. Our players love the profile pages. They enjoy sharing their highlight photos with their grandparents.” – Nicole K.


The Pitching Process is Wrong—More Tommy John Surgeries Coming

written by Brandon Agamennone of Pro Source Athletics  brandon@prosourceathletics.com  on May 12, 2014

Okay, so this is going to require some in depth explanation to help parents, coaches and players sort through what the media is putting out there about the rash of Tommy John surgeries in the MLB and the blame being placed on youth baseball but really the larger issues that exist at higher levels. There are a couple of things I want to mention before I get going:

1) I absolutely was over used as a young pitcher

2) I had Tommy John surgery when I was 28 years old in my 7th year as a pro pitcher

3) The human body has limits…but these are different for each player

4) I own a youth baseball organization

5) I agree youth baseball plays a part in surgeries later down the road, but it is not the main problem.

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Subscribe Cal – Outlook

TeMojo-Subscribe Cal Outlook

This video will show you how to subscribe to the team calendar for an Outlook account. Instead of clicking on one of the links to email yourself the calendar link you will need to copy the link that you want to add to your Outlook calendar and then paste it.

Add Player’s Email

TeMojo-Add Player's Email

This video is for a parent who wants to add their player’s email address to the player’s account. This will allow the player to start receiving notifications to their email address. This is a function that once it’s done it’s and it can not be reversed.