Photo Upload

TeMojo-Photo Upload

This video shows you how to upload Photos to completed games for your team site. It is recommended that you use Google Chrome for the photo upload process.

Team Page

TeMojo-Team Home Page

This video shows the different areas of the Team Home Page and how they can be used to keep your members updated on the team and the current season.

Roster Groups

The Roster Group feature allows you to divide your roster into smaller player groups for specialized training or events. Soccer teams love it for 3 vs 3 tournaments and Futsal in the winter. Football teams like to use the group feature to divide their roster for off season 7 on 7 tournaments. WHAT WILL YOU USE IT FOR?

Roster Page

The Roster Page holds the player’s information and any player contact information. Each player can have multiple contacts under them and each contact can receive game and event notifications.

Calendar Page

The Calendar Page will show all scheduled games, practices and other team events in a one month calendar page. You can navigate through the calendar by using the arrows on either side of the Month at the top of the calendar. Clicking on the title of the event or on the opponent name on the calendar will take you to a summary page for this team event. Any tournament listed on the calendar will be represented by a red banner across the days the tournament is scheduled to be played.

Home Page

Team Home Page allows for 2 team pictures and has the following sections: Team Results, Team Contacts, Last 5 Games, My Player(s), Summary of Upcoming Events. You can access your Player’s Profile page by clicking on your player’s picture in the My Player(s) section of the home page