Subscribe Cal – Outlook

TeMojo-Subscribe Cal Outlook

This video will show you how to subscribe to the team calendar for an Outlook account. Instead of clicking on one of the links to email yourself the calendar link you will need to copy the link that you want to add to your Outlook calendar and then paste it.

Add Player’s Email

TeMojo-Add Player's Email

This video is for a parent who wants to add their player’s email address to the player’s account. This will allow the player to start receiving notifications to their email address. This is a function that once it’s done it’s and it can not be reversed.

Schedule Import

TeMojo-Schedule Import

This video shows you how import several games at once for a league or tournament. A key point to the import schedule function is creating you league or tournament before you start the import process. Make sure you type the location name and/or team names the same as they are on your site already if you have played at the location or played one of the teams before.

Add New Contact

TeMojo-Add Contact

This video shows you how to create and add an additional contact for a player on the roster. This is a function that has to be done by a current contact of that player if an one of the contacts has accepted the invitation. The Team Manager or Coach can add multiple contacts for each player when a player is initially added to the team roster.

Account Settings

TeMojo-Account Settings

This video shows you how to manage your team settings, set your data defaults, set your season, and add team contacts. This video also covers the guest player list, how to add multiple uniforms, and how to add new opponents and locations.


This video shows you how to create send email messages and text messages out to the members of your TeMojo team site. A key point to the messaging function is selecting the group you want to message before you type your message.

Roster Group

TeMojo-Roster Groups

This video shows you how to create a roster group and add players from your roster the groups. This video also hits on how to set up a game or practice for a roster group.

Add URL Link

This video shows how to add a team related URL Link to your team site. This section can also be used to create links to any upcoming tournament websites.


TeMojo-Availability Game

This video shows you how to create an availability checklist for a game. It also hits on the email function tied into the availability function of TeMojo.