Plan and Features

Basic Plan

TeMojo team sites are just $39.99 a year. Each site includes a 35 player roster, 2GB of storage to upload 1000-1500 team photos and the free App. TeMojo provides the flexibility needed to manage your team in season and in the off-season.

TeMojo Bonus

TeMojo assigns each team member a unique referral code for their team. After signing up for a TeMojo subscription, you can use this code to extend your renew date. Your team could use TeMojo for years for ONLY $39.99.  You can’t beat that!

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TeMojo Team Site Features

  • Roster

  • Email Reminders

  • Availability

  • No Advertising

  • Schedule

  • Privacy & Security

  • Refreshments

  • Team Login Page

  • Bilingual Messaging

  • Text Alerts

  • User Support

  • Mobile App

Examples of TeMojo Features

Player Profile Page

Guest Player List

Hide Team Contact Information

Player Availability

Detailed Team Results

Custom Notification Reminders

Player Groups - Roster

Team Schedule-Calendar

Multilingual Reminder Notifications

Team Settings - Account Settings

Data Defaults - Account Settings

Group Messaging

Tournaments and Leagues

Team Home Page

Group Specific Events