Sample Pages

Below are example pages that can be found in a TeMojo website

Team Login Page


Each site has a custom Team Login Page. The login page has a place to display the team or club logo, the overall team record, and the team’s Last 5 Games section.

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Team Home Page

The team home page allows for 2 team pictures and has the following sections: Team Results, Team Contacts, Last 5 Games, My Player(s), Summary of Upcoming Events. You can access a your Player's Profile page by clicking on the your player's picture in the My Player section of the home page

A TeMojo Home Page looks more like a website and less like a spreadsheet. Each home page has two spots for team pictures, a Team Contacts section and our unique My Player(s) section, which allows quick access to your player’s profile page. You can view the overall team record in the Team Results section as well as game results from leagues or tournaments. This page also has a Last 5 Games section and a Summary of Upcoming Events section, which is at the bottom of the page and displays the next 10 team events.

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Detailed Team Results


The Team Results section is where the overall team record is displayed. The team’s record in tournaments and leagues can also be displayed here. Each tournament and league can be expanded so the team members can see who was played and the results of the games with a simple click on the “+” beside the tournament or league name.

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Language Selection Options


Each team member can select the language they wish to receive email and text notifications in from the TeMojo system. Users can currently select from English or Spanish.

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Team Calendar Page


The Calendar Page is where all team events are listed. A RED BANNER will show on the calendar for upcoming tournaments. You can identify certain team events using the multiple colored flags. Team members can add the calendar to their smart phones by using the Subscribe Button on the calendar page.

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Tournaments Page


The Tournaments Page is where your list of scheduled tournaments can be added to the calendar. The system will put a RED BANNER on the team calendar over a tournament’s scheduled days. An event reminder for each tournament can be created and a reminder notification will be sent out to team members. Each tournament can be set to display in the Team Results section on the Home page.

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Team Roster Page


The Roster Page contains all player information and the contact information for parents and guardians of the players. This page is where you will find the Groups Button if you want to divide your roster into player groups for position specific training or specialized events, like 3 vs 3 tournaments for soccer, 7 on 7 for football, or for pitchers and catchers in baseball or softball.

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Player Groups Page


The Player Groups Page is where you can divide you roster into smaller player groups for position specific training or specialized games. Group specific games and events can be created for a player group. The reminder notifications will be sent ONLY to the players included in the group and their contacts. You can easily add or remove players from a group using the website or the TeMojo APP.

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Player Group Event


Using Player Group Events insures only the members that need the game or event reminders get the notifications. This helps eliminate unwanted emails to team members. Tip: Creating group specific leagues or tournaments will help keep group games organized and separated. Please see the short video “Using Payer Groups” on the How Do I….? page.

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Guest Player List


Use the Guest Player List for players that help fill roster spots for tournament or league games, but are not part of the team roster. A player’s contact info added to the list will insure they get all reminder notifications as well as notifications for time and location changes. This section was created to keep guest players informed without adding them to the roster and giving them access to your TeMojo team site.

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